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Total Body Sculpt Plus "As Seen on TV" (3 DVDs)

Total Body Sculpt Plus "As Seen on TV" (3 DVDs)

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3 DVDs - 6 Workouts - 41/2 hours!

Total Body Sculpt PLUS is the rarely seen hour-long version of Total Body Sculpt with Gilad.

Each disc contains 2x45 minute commercial-free workouts direct from Magic Island with Waikiki and Diamond Head in the background. ‘Total Body Sculpt Plus ’ will shock your muscles into their best shape ever with Gilad’s new generation style of exercise.

Gilad guides you through these workouts expertly as only he can. You are always aware of the exact muscle you are working and of the proper form in order to get every last ounce of benefit from your workout. In each workout Gilad incorporates the best of strength training, circuit training, cardio bursts, plyometrics and core training into this one-of-a-kind, new generation workout routine for the whole body. You will develop key athletic abilities such as explosive strength, isometric endurance, balance and flexibility for stronger, leaner, sexier you! The killer cardio segment will help you speed up the fat burn! Light hand weights and resistance bands are used (optional) for extra resistance. The workouts are taped in Hawaii on Magic Island with Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head as a backdrop.

Format: DVD only (works in all countries)

Each workout is 45 min long

You get:

  1. Functional Fitness
  2. Peak Performance
  3. Cutting Edge
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