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Gilad's Super Sculpting Kit

Gilad's Super Sculpting Kit

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Gilad's Two Award Winning Fitness Series.

Ultimate Body Sculpt Plus and Gilad's Express Workouts.

You get:
18 great workouts on 5 DVDs

ULTIMATE BODY SCULPT 3-PACK Known as the best fitness series ever made. Winner of the prestigious Silver Telly Award Gilad puts all of his sculpting secrets into 3 one hour long workouts Power & Grace, Cuts & Curves, Core and More.

15 TARGETED EXPRESS WORKOUTS ON 2 DVDS Another Telly Award Winner! Choose the part of the body that you want to work on. All 15 workouts are 10 minutes or less Mix and Match Now EVERYBODY has the time to get into shape

Gilad's Eat Right Now Plan
Free Resistance Band
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