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Gilad's Lord of the Abs Workout Series

Gilad's Lord of the Abs Workout Series

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Introducing Lord Of The ABS! A core cross-training system. These 5 DVDs target your core in 5 different ways!

Format: DVD

Heavy Ball Standing Workout

In Maximum Abs, you’ll be guided through a variety of functional moves targeting your core without ever going to the floor. NOTE: A 3 to 5 lb. dumbbell can be used instead of a heavy ball.

Length: 50 minutes 
Level: Intermediate to Advanced.

Intense Floor Workout

In this workout, we go for the burn. Phenomenal Abdominals incorporates principles from Pilates, yoga, military exercises and advanced abdominal routines to give you a comprehensive core workout. This workout hits your abdominals from every direction. 

Length: 50 minutes 
Level: Beginner to Advanced.

Fat-Burning Core Workout

Target your core and get a good cardio workout at the same time. Gilad starts you out slowly with basic moves, then builds to more comprehensive routines. 

Length: 45 minutes 

Level: All levels.

Heavy Ball Floor Workout 

The heavy ball supplies the resistance as Gilad takes you through all the core muscle groups. Lots of core workouts neglect the mid and upper back muscles--but not this one! Core Challenge is beautifully designed to work both the entire abdominal region and the opposing back muscles 

NOTE: A 3- to 5-lb. dumbbell can be used instead of a heavy ball.

Length: 40 minutes 
Level: Intermediate to Advanced.

Progressive Core Circuits

The goal of this workout is to increase your core strength and overall stamina. Gilad takes you through 4 carefully designed circuits. Each circuit gets progressively more challenging as you develop your cardiovascular endurance and core strength. The progressive circuit approach empowers beginners to improve at their own pace while giving advanced users a complete hard-core workout. 

Length: 60 minutes 
Level: All levels.

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