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Gilad's Express Workouts ( 2 DVDs) 15 Workouts

Gilad's Express Workouts ( 2 DVDs) 15 Workouts

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There are 15 different workouts, all under 10 minutes each!
In here you will find Cardio workouts, Strength/Calorie Burn workouts, Core workouts and Sculpting workouts that target different muscle areas allowing you to focus on the body parts you wish to work on the most. Though it is resistance training that will sculpt your body, it is very important to add the Aerobics/Cardio element into the program to help maximize fat burn, strengthen the heart and improve lung capacity.

GiladWhen combined together these Express Workouts are made to help you get the best possible results in the least amount of time! In no time you will be able to climb a flight of stairs without getting winded and chase down your kids with out having to take a break on the park bench!

The suggested 10 week schedule is balanced between Strength/Sculpting exercises, Aerobic exercises and stretching. It is given here as a guide line that will show you how you can best progress from one week to the next. Download schedule.

You can also customize your own workout plan by adding or subtracting specific workouts from the program to help you meet your own individual fitness goals. The program also includes a warm up and a cool down that you should incorporate into starting off and ending any of the other workouts. "The program is designed to give you the flexibility to chose between the 10 minute workouts individually, or between working out to each DVD from Beginning to end, for 2 full and thorough 60 minute workouts per DVD!" Aloha Gilad.

This DVD won a Telly Award in 2010.
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