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Gilad's 2024 - 60 Day Fitness Challenge (10 DVDs)

Gilad's 2024 - 60 Day Fitness Challenge (10 DVDs)

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This kit contains 10 of Gilad's most popular and effective workouts. If you're serious about getting in shape these DVDs are what you are looking for.

With this package you get:

Lord of the Abs - Maximum Abs

In Maximum Abs Gilad uses a heavy ball to apply his 'Energy Transference Principle'. You’ll be guided through a variety of functional moves perfect for sculpting your core without ever going to the floor. This workout not only shrinks your waistline and gives you 6-pack abs, it transforms your sports performance as well as everyday functional moves. NOTE: A 3 to 5 lb. dumbbell can be used instead of a heavy ball

Lord of the Abs - Phenomenal Abs and Core

In this workout, we go for the burn as Gilad sculpts your core faster than you ever thought possible. Phenomenal Abs and Core incorporates principles from Pilates, yoga, military exercises and advanced abdominal routines to give you a comprehensive core workout. This workout hits your abdominals from every direction to give you a deep, 6-pack-chiseling burn

Lord of the Abs - Abs on Fire

Want to build a strong stable core and lose weight at the same time? Abs on Fire is the perfect workout for you. Gilad starts you out slowly with basic moves, then builds you up to impressive routines. The fat burning kicks in during bursts of high energy intervals utilizing multi- plane core moves, your heart rate peaks, and the pounds melt away through each successive routine. Get ready to set your abs on fire!

Lord of the ABs - Core Challenge

The heavy ball supplies the resistance as Gilad takes you through all 
the core muscle groups. Lots of core workouts neglect the mid and upper back muscles--but not this one! Core Challenge is beautifully designed to work both the entire abdominal region and the opposing back muscles, to give you a strong, balanced midsection. The result is effortless strength, stability and increased confidence in every area. NOTE: A 3- to 5-lb. dumbbell can be used instead of a heavy ball

Lord of the Abs - Hard Core

The goal of this workout is to increase your explosive core strength and 
overall stamina. Gilad takes you through 4 carefully designed circuits. Each circuit gets progressively more challenging as you develop your cardiovascular endurance and core strength, and burn off unwanted fat. The progressive circuit approach empowers beginners to improve at their own pace while giving advanced users a complete hard-core workout. Get ready to rock!

Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt - Cuts and Curves

Glad's Ultimate Body Sculpt - Cuts and CurvesThis workout is guaranteed to tone you up from head to toe. In this easy-to-follow body sculpting workout, Gilad targets all the major muscle groups that give your body its shape. Gilad expertly works you from the larger muscle groups of the chest, back and thighs to the smaller muscle groups of the shoulders, arms and calves. This workout is guaranteed to tone you up from head to toe giving you noticeable cuts and curves. Using excellent instructional techniques Gilad keeps you highly motivated as he takes you through progressive sets of resistance exercises using 2 sets of light weights (3-10 pounds) and resistance band.

Level: Beginner to advanced.
Warm up: 15 minutes.
Cuts & Curves: 39 minutes.
Cool down: 6 minutes.
Total time: 60 minutes.

Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt - Power and Grace

Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt - Power and GraceIncrease your strength, speed and stamina.
In Power and Grace Gilad focuses on energizing combinations of plyometrics, isometrics and functional moves that will help increase your strength, speed and stamina. Gilad designed this workout specifically to improve your athletic abilities!

With Gilad you will maximize every minute you spend working out, generating dramatic results in the least amount of time.
Gilad applies careful form and technique and safely takes you to a whole new level of fitness.

Level: Beginner to advanced.
Warm up: 10 minutes
Core & Mores: 36 minutes
Cool down: 8 minutes.
Total time: 54 minutes

Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt - Core and More

Gilad's Ultimate Body Sculpt - Core and MoreThe Ultimate Ab and Back Workout.
Gilad is known in the fitness industry as having “the best abs in the business”.
In Core and More Gilad puts all of his abs sculpting secrets into one basket giving you a superior workout that will reshape your abs, and strengthen your lower back and stabilizing muscles.

Gilad combines functional moves with Pilates principles in order to engage your deepest core muscles from all angles so you too can get a toned sexy waistline, a strong core and better posture.

Level: Beginner to advanced.
Warm up: 11 minutes
Core & More: 46 minutes
Cool down: 6 minutes.
Total time: 63 minutes

Step and Tone Workouts

Step and Tone In this workout Gilad uses a step and light hand-weights to combine fat burning and toning in one workout! The moves are easy to follow so you’ll enjoy results right from the very first workout. Gilad and his team will keep you motivated as you step and tone into shape!
Length: 41 minutes

Type: Cardio and Toning
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Equipment: Step and light hand weights

Step Aerobics

Builds Cardiovascular Endurance and Burns Fat This creative routine builds cardiovascular endurance and burns excess fat at a fast rate. A nice variety of moves without complex choreography will keep your body in motion. The BONUS abdominal section will help firm and reshape your stomach area as well. Set on Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head in the background, this workout is recommended for the intermediate to advanced participant.
Length: 60 minutes

Type: Cardio and Toning
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Equipment: None

Gilad's Eat Right Now Plan:

Gilad's Eat Right Now PlanWhen you eat right you not only feel right you also greatly speed up the time it takes to get you in shape.
Gilad has develop an easy to follow eating plan. No diets, no counting calories. When you eat the right foods you give your body the type of food it was designed for. And best of all, you find all this food in you regular grocery store.

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