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As seen on TV Volume 3 - Sandy Beach

As seen on TV Volume 3 - Sandy Beach

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It is a beautiful sunny day at Sandy Beach on the south shore of Oahu as Gilad and his team put you through the paces with breathtaking shore breaks visible in the background.

Show #917. Features: Gilad, Bill, Sue, Felicia and Jason Areas of the day: Hips, Quads, Outer Thighs, Upper Abs, Lower Abs and Obliques.

Show #918. Features: Gilad, Bill, Gabby, Trella and 18 year old Emily who first appeared on the show at age 11. Emily’s little sister joins in and gives everyone else a run for their money... Areas of the day: Chest, Outer Thighs, Inner Thighs and Abs.

Show #919. Features: Gilad, Sue, Felicia, Jason, Emily and her brother Brad (“Muscle Face”).Areas of the day: Hips, Thighs, Buns, Lower Abs, Upper Abs and Obliques.

Total running time: 72 minutes.
Format: DVD only (works in all countries)
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