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As seen on TV Volume 10 - Yokohama Beach

As seen on TV Volume 10 - Yokohama Beach

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Yokohama Beach is the most pristine beach on the west coast of Oahu. It is an expansive white sand beach and it's practically deserted. It's just you, Gilad and his team, a perfect setting for 3 good concentrated workouts!

SHOW #1015
Enjoy the surging surf in the background as Gilad takes Trella, Kent, Wendee and Bill through a full body workout. Areas of the day: Shoulders and Arms..

SHOW #1016
The sun is shining brightly. It is a perfect day for exercising. Today’s team is Gilad, Lian, Felicia, Wendee, Bill and a very talented 6-year old named Ryan. Areas of the day: Back and Triceps.

SHOW #1017
This show features Gilad, Trella, Felicia, Kent and the father/son team of Pat and Ryan. The toning segment targets the upper abs and obliques. Areas of the day: Buttox and Hamstrings.

Total running time: 
72 minutes.
Format: DVD only (works in all countries)
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