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Gilad's Xcelerate 4 Workout Series | 4 Workouts

Gilad's Xcelerate 4 Workout Series | 4 Workouts

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Xcelerate-4 is an in-home workout program I did for Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, known fondly as ‘Fergie’.I had the honor of putting together a special training program for the Duchess and worked with her in the US and Europe to help her meet her weight loss and fitness goals and get her into the best shape possible.

Level: All levels

Format: DVD


Burn It Off!

This workout is a pure cardio workout! The goal is to raise your heart rate to your ideal fat burning zone while strengthening the heart and lungs. All the moves are low impact with special emphasis on correct form and movement.

Time: 34 minutes



Tone Every Inch!

This workout was designed to work your entire body from head to toe using light hand weights, resistance bands and your own body weight to targeting all your muscle groups with emphasis on correct form and execution of movement.

Time: 42 minutes




Best Butt and Abs

This workout was specifically requested by the Duchess to give a little extra attention to those 'problem areas' that seem to haunt so many. The focus here is on exercises that work the core, targeting your tummy and your hips, thighs and buns.

Time: 30 minutes



Strength In Motion!

In the first 3 workouts we focused on fat burning, toning the entire body and on targeting specific problem areas. Now it’s time to put it all together with the 4th and last workout! This workout was designed to challenge your muscles through their full range of motion against resistance. You will rev up your metabolic rate in a fun high-energy workout.

Time: 34 minutes


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